Strategies for Interacting with a Child with Autism


Autism is a developmental disorder that affects how children communicate and interact with others. When your child is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders, they may have trouble relating to other people. This makes it challenging for them to develop friendships and relationships. However, there are ways you can improve communication.

As a provider of performing arts education in Orlando, Florida, we will discuss strategies for interacting with a child diagnosed with autism:

  • Demonstrate how to express emotions.

    Children with autism should know that they do not have to hold their anger and frustration inside. Demonstrate how they can express frustration or anger without being aggressive. This may entail taking a break from a frustrating activity or using humor to release tension.

  • Be patient and stay positive.

    Children with ASD may take longer to process information. Hence, you may need to slow down your conversation to their speed. Long pauses can help improve your interactions. Keep in mind, children with ASD respond best to positive reinforcement, so be sure to reward good behavior and be generous with compliments when they behave and respond well.

  • Express affection with respect.

    Children with autism need a hug and physical touch that demonstrate affection just like other children. However, some children with ASD may find even light contact distressing. Hence, effective behavior strategies include respecting their personal space. Avoid forcing physical affection if the child is unwilling.

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