Getting Crafty: Arts Integration in Our Curriculum

Children with autism spectrum disorders learn and work well under a behavior-centered education curriculum, as this goes beyond the traditional learning style and addresses their needs more specifically. Part of this behavior-centered curriculum is an interdisciplinary arts and crafts course.

But how do arts and crafts help children with special needs? Here are some of the advantages of a multi-faceted arts and crafts curriculum:

  • Promote creative expression
    In our specialty school, we believe that every child deserves to figure out a way to comfortably and creatively express themselves. Art can be the medium they rely on to rid themselves of negative emotions and convey their thoughts when words fail them.
  • Support the discovery of hidden talents
    Every kid has their own interests and talents. Through art, they are nurtured and encouraged to explore their imagination, improve their thinking process, and eventually, discover interests and hobbies that bring out the best in them.
  • Enhance concentration and cognitive ability
    Another advantage of an arts and crafts program is its improved effect on brain health. With art, children engage with their senses, use critical thinking, and improve their coordination, memory, and other cognitive abilities.
  • Improve confidence
    Art also boosts children’s self-esteem and confidence. Our ABA services in Florida offer arts and crafts alongside performing arts education to uplift discouraged kids and give them a reason to strive to succeed academically and in life.

CAMEN Academy For The Performing Arts offers performing arts education in Orlando, Florida, that’s ideal for students and parents looking for behavior-based enrichment programs.

Accessible education is right at your fingertips! To learn more, call us at 407-347-4958..

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