Practical Tips to Help Your Child with Autism Thrive


When your child is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, it can be overwhelming for the entire family. Today, there are many things you can do to help guide and nurture your child, so you may overcome challenges together. In addition to ABA services in Florida, there are strategies you can implement at home to facilitate healthy development.

Here, we will share practical tips and behavior strategies to help your child with ASD thrive:

  • Provide Structure

    Children with autism spectrum disorders tend to have a hard time adjusting to sudden changes as they can also cause anxiety. One way to help your child is to stay consistent and on schedule. Create a schedule for daily activities at home and make sure to ease your child into new changes in their schedule.

  • Add More Consistency

    Your child may have difficulty applying what he/she learned in one setting to another. For instance, your child may learn how to use non-verbal communication at school but may not think to do so at home. Creating consistency in your child’s environment can help reinforce learning.

  • Reward Positive Behavior

    Positive reinforcement can go a long way in developing healthy habits. Praise your child when he/she acts appropriately or learns a new skill. This will encourage the behavior in the long run.

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