Ways To Help Children With Autism Improve Communication Skills


One of the symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorders is difficulty with social communication, which can lead to awkward social situations, misunderstandings, and anxiety in children with Autism. Here are a few things parents can try at home to help their children improve their communication skills:

  • Try Play Acting

    Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder might find it hard to express themselves with words. If this is the case, consider play-acting. It is a great way to help children practice communicating with others and can also be a fun way for them to express their thoughts and desires.

  • Practice Non-verbal Communication

     Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder sometimes have difficulty understanding social cues and gestures. They even sometimes develop their own gestures to communicate. Practicing non-verbal communication at home helps parents understand their kid’s body language and teach their children common gestures they can expect from others.

  • Consider Other Forms of Expression

    Many children with Autism are better at visual processing skills than auditory processing skills. Parents can help their children learn social cues, gestures, and communication skills through mediums like drawings, writings, and paintings.

There is no perfect approach to helping children with ADS improve their communication skills because every child is different. But through guidance and education like our ABA Services in Florida, children with Autism can find a happy mode of communication where they can develop their social and verbal skills.

Here at CAMEN Academy For The Performing Arts, we offer Performing Arts Education in Orlando, Florida, to help children with autism improve their communication, cognitive, and social skills. Call us at 407-347-4958 for more information. We provide Accessible education, Educational solutions, Behavior strategies, and more.

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