How Technology Changed Performing Arts


Technology has had a profound impact on the way we experience and create performing arts. It ranges from increasing access to the arts for people living outside of urban areas to providing audiences with a more immersive experience.

For example, according to “Technology and the Performing Arts Field: Usage and Issues” from the Global Institute for Arts and Culture, technology has made it possible for the art world to struggle with, adapt to, and occasionally thrive in its use of technology.

This has allowed for more creative freedom and experimentation in the performing arts, especially in a specialty school.

Moreover, according to “Section 6: Overall Impact of Technology on the Arts” from the Pew Research Center, technology has increased access to the arts by breaking geographic constraints.

This has allowed people who live outside of urban areas to experience performances that would otherwise be limited to large urban areas.

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You see, technology has allowed for more creative and innovative ways of presenting performances, and many accessible education programs integrate technology into performing arts.

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