Helping Autistic Kids Learn

Helping Autistic Kids Learn

Children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) often thrive in a different learning environment. Even with differences within the spectrum, there are some tips that parents and guardians of children with ASD can follow to help them have a better learning experience.

When trying to teach children in the spectrum, you can try to do the following behavior strategies:

  • Use Visual Aids

    Children with ASD learn better with visualization. Try to create visuals for concepts you are trying to teach and try to demonstrate them however you can. This will help them retain the information better.

  • Simple Language is Best

    Try to use simple language that is direct to the point. Children with ASD may learn better without any analogies, figures of speech, or idioms involved. Make sure to use language that is concrete.

  • Setting Expectations

    You can ease their learning anxiety when you set expectations before moving on to the next topic or activity. You have to make sure they know what they will be doing. People with ASD often thrive with routines so make sure to have a solid schedule structured for their learning.

  • ABA Therapy

    Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a practice where new skills and behaviors are taught using established theories of learning. Institutions are offering ABA services in Florida using methods of reward and consequences to teach new skills and behaviors.

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