Generalization in the Autism Spectrum

Generalization in the Autism Spectrum

Autism Spectrum Disorders pose different learning challenges for those diagnosed with them. One heavily documented challenge is the fact that children with ASD have trouble applying past learned skills and behaviors across different situations. Children with ASD can learn to cross a road but may fail to apply what they have learned when crossing a different road.

This is the problem of generalization with ASD patients. While most people translate learned behaviors across multiple situations easily, children with ASD do not. This poses a challenge in the social aspects of their lives.

One reason for this is that children with ASD do not habitually observe others. This means they fail to recognize social cues and norms and are less likely to imitate others and their social behavior.

Specialized education providers, such as ABA services in Florida, can help ease this challenge by teaching behaviors across different variations. This simulates a more natural social situation and can increase the likelihood of them recognizing that this behavior can be used in different situations.

It would also help to teach them a targeted behavior and immediately apply it in a social environment. This aids in generalizing as they see can see the behavior being done with all the different factors of a social environment.

Integrating these strategies within their daily learning routine can help them adjust better with society as a whole and can even provide educational solutions to their learning problems.

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