Going In-Depth: Music Therapy and Autism


Music therapy is one of the many arts therapies used for autism spectrum disorders. It is defined as the clinical use of music interventions used to accomplish goals through the help of a professional who has completed an approved music therapy program. It has been backed up by evidence that addresses behavioral, communicative, physical, and/or cognitive functioning among others.

After determining goals and objectives and deeming them reasonable and feasible, music therapists plan and implement their own ways of music therapy treatment programs based on their disabilities. They then document their patients’ responses, evaluate progress and think of future recommendations.

Research has shown that individuals that have high-functioning autism possess strengths in processing music, specifically pitch processing. These strengths can be further explored as treatment approaches.

Listed below are some children’s activities ABA services in Florida can use if they are to use music therapy.

  • Cueing and helping them fill in the last word to a song phrase
  • Chanting a story to a rhythmic beat
  • Flashing visual aids while chanting a story/song
  • Singing in a silly voice and creating sound effects
  • Helping children tap to a steady beat and build their internal rhythmic clock

CAMEN Academy for The Performing Arts is our performing arts education in Orlando, Florida that implements these activities among other treatment programs to create variety and diversity not only in our treatment but in the fun and entertainment these children can have with us. We are dedicated to making top-notch educational programs with various behavior-based solutions not only through music but other performing arts as well.

We are excited to work with you and help your child grow and be the best they can be. Contact us now and let us guide your child together!

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