The Behavioral Style of Your Children

the-behavioral-style-of-your-childrenThe behavioral style of a youngster is their temperament. It consists of how they respond to people, events, and situations around them. Since each child is born with a unique personality, it is important to understand your child’s temperament to comprehend why they behave as they do and address it with behavior strategies.

As a provider of ABA Services in Florida, we at CAMEN Academy For the Performing Arts have listed the following types of behavioral styles common among children. Here are the following:

  • Sanguine

    This temperament style, which is regarded as the most prevalent, is friendly, talkative, playful, and outgoing. Sanguines lead an active lifestyle and are good at forming connections.

  • Choleric

    This temperament type is logical, decisive, passionate, and success-oriented. They are also renowned for being straightforward in their communication and for having a positive outlook on moving ahead and achieving their objectives.

  • Melancholic

    This disposition style is believed to produce children who are meticulous, courteous, and organized. Additionally, melancholics are regarded as rule-followers who do not enjoy taking risks as much as other personality types do.

  • Phlegmatic

    This temperament type is alert, collected, and laid-back. People with phlegmatics frequently benefit from their assistance. On the other hand, they have a meek personality, which can cause hesitancy.

As a provider of Performing Arts Education in Orlando, Florida we believe that knowing your child’s temperament style might help you focus on their specific needs so they can thrive.

Please feel free to contact us to know more. We also provide educational activities for children with autism spectrum disorders.

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