David and Claire

David and Claire Lottman

David and Claire Lottman are the proud parents of three amazing and talented boys, Derek, Dylan, and Jacob. David and Claire met in Tallahassee when they were both attending undergraduate college. After Claire completed her BS in Psychology from Florida State University, they decided to move to Orlando in order for Claire to pursue her dream in Applied Behavior Analysis at the Florida Institute of Technology Master’s program.

On the other hand, David completed his BS in Business Administration and then completed his Masters in Finance and Accounting from Keller Graduate School of Management. After nine (9) years of working in separate fields but always supporting each other, they decided to open Camen Behavioral Services in 2015. Camen Behavioral Services provided ABA services in the home, clinic, and community settings.

During the past several years, David and Claire have been able to observe many classroom styles and experiences for children and often felt something was amiss. When they decided to homeschool their own children for two years, they researched a variety of curriculum and educational philosophies. When they fell upon the Waldorf education model, something felt RIGHT. After experiencing the joy of education first hand by seeing their boys loving to learn and hearing parents of Camen Behavioral Services asking for alternative schooling options, the concept of a Performing Arts school using the Waldorf education model was born.

We hope for children to learn how to experiment, use expressions, and gain fundamental skillsets while learning to be creative and build character.

For family time, the Lottman’s enjoy singing, dancing to music, hiking, watching Marvel Comic movies, and learning about nature. The boys have their very own garden and love watching their father chomp down on hot jalapeños!

Ashley Smith

Ashley Smith

Hi everyone, my name is Ashley Smith, and I am excited for a new school year together! I graduated from the University of Central Florida (UCF) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. While attending UCF, I began working as a program assistant at the Conductive Education Center of Orlando which is a school that specializes in working with children that have motor disabilities. Learning how to support students with so many unique abilities made me realize that I was immensely devoted to this population of children. In 2017, I started my special education journey at the Broach School. Through differentiated instruction, I taught elementary and middle school students. In 2020, I took the opportunity to move to New York and taught 1st-grade special education. Taking a step into the public-school environment, I learned how to manage students’ cases regarding additional support received and attended the Committee on Special Education meetings. I returned to the sunshine state in 2021 and started here at CAMEN Academy as a teacher assistant and transitioned back to teaching for the upcoming school year! Through my many experiences with students and parents, I found myself wanting to learn more for my students. I am currently pursuing a Master of Science degree in Developmental Disabilities with a focus in Early Childhood at Nova Southeastern University.

When I am not teaching, studying, or sleeping, I enjoy going to the gym and experiencing new restaurants. In addition to my love for children, I am crazy about animals. I have a grey cat (Gambit) and a Frenchie (Reign).

I cannot wait to see you at CAMEN Academy this school year, where every student has the opportunity to learn in their own way.

Taman Andrea

Andrea “Miss Andy” Taman

With an extensive 10-year background in theatre, dance, and music performance, Miss Andy is an alumna of the University of Texas, at El Paso (UTEP) where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre with a concentration in Performance, as well as an alumna from the Mississippi School of the Arts (MSA) where she received training in Classical and Musical Theatre voice technique. She has Postgraduate level training as an Actor through American Conservatory Theatre based in San Francisco, California. More recently, she showcased her work as a Director through the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts based in Washington, D.C. as part of their 2022 Directing Intensive. As an Educator and Artist, Miss Andy uses elements of devised theatre in which she and her students will collectively create original work together throughout the year. In her classroom, Miss Andy encourages imagination exploration, self-expression, and community!

Davila Olivia

Olivia Davila

Hi, everyone! My name is Olivia Davila-Finch and I am SO excited to start this amazing school year! It’s going to be a blast!

I graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology in 2016. Soon after graduating, I became a Registered Behavior Technician and started doing ABA in-home. I fell in love instantly with the ABA approach and with working with my kiddos, and knew this was for me! My teaching journey started soon after, when I got a job as a teaching assistant, and later as a lead teacher for several years at Quest Kid’s Academy. I learned how to combine my knowledge of ABA concepts and education to best support my students and to make learning truly fun. I worked briefly as a home-school teacher during the COVID-19 pandemic, and then returned to the ABA world as an RBT working in a clinic setting. When I heard about CAPA, I felt like I had really found my place! I love mixing the worlds of ABA and education, and am thrilled to be teaching this year. In the past year, I have also gotten an ESE Teaching Certificate and am currently pursuing my Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis at Ball State University to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

When I’m not teaching, studying, or doing my own homework, I’m usually with my family and friends watching movies, going out to eat, or just making bad jokes, and I am perpetually covered in hair thanks to my two black cats. I am overjoyed to be back in an educational setting here at Camen, and to help our kids reach their true potential. I’m SO excited to start out this school year!

Alkhiary Haneen

Haneen Alkhiary

My name is Haneen Alkhiary, and my students know me as Ms. Haneen.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Human Factors Psychology, and a few other coaching certifications. The most important part of all this is that I am a mother to two boys! I go a long way with teaching and being interested in teaching methods and techniques since I homeschooled my sons for about 3 years. I got interested in special education after learning that these unique students are rarely getting the support they need. I strongly believe that each child deserves an equal chance to have proper education no matter what the limitations are. I am planning to go back to my education and get my master’s done in special education to better serve the role I hold as a teacher.

When I am not teaching or supporting the education of my own children, I like to read and bake!

I am excited for the new school year where we will travel the world with our students and help them thrive and learn!

Ileana Prestol

Ileana Prestol

Mrs. Prestol has been working in the school system for over ten years. She loves to make learning fun and rewarding for all ages. Mrs. Prestol graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a Bachelor Degree in Special Education. Worked in a Charter School for three years in the ESE Department as a paraprofessional, and is where she decided to pursue a degree in teaching. Mrs. Prestol taught Kindergarten and First grade in a private school for two years. Left the school system to spend more time with her children. While staying home, she decided to get a part time teaching English to students overseas online.

A year ago she decided to become certified as RBT where she started working for Camen Behavioral. But once she found out about Camen Academy, she was so excited to go back to teaching!
Mrs. Prestol is a proud mother of three wonderful children Joseph, Natalie, and Anthony. In her free time loves to spend time with her family and going on walks with their dog Bailey.

Mrs. Prestol is looking forward to an exciting year!

Tiffany Borbolla

Tiffany Borbolla

I am Ms. Borbolla and I will be the Pre-K and Kindergarten teacher for the 23-24 school year. I have supported scholars as a Registered Behavioral Technician for over a year and am currently working towards a master’s degree in special education. I have three school-aged children and 2 fur babies. I truly enjoy working with children and giving them a safe and nourishing space to explore their creativity. It takes a village. I am honored to be a part of yours.

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